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What is your idea of luxury and freedom?


What is your idea of luxury and freedom?


What is your idea of luxury and freedom?


What is your idea of luxury and freedom?

Martin Dürrwächter

Hello and welcome to my website.
I love to inspire people to live a self-determined, responsible and free life.
My experience in over 35 years of self-employment has shown me that EVERYTHING is becoming increasingly complex and therefore incomprehensible instead of easier. In the meantime, more than 30,000 diseases have been diagnosed and an unbelievable number of fears have been triggered, which not only throw those affected off the rails, but also many unaffected.
Health on the other hand is only ONE and it gives you the freedom to do what YOU want to do. Every day and into old age. Freedom in health is not just happiness, it is largely determined by your lifestyle.
Some industries and corporations put the value of a healthy person at several hundred euros a day and employers must keep healthy, efficient and willing employees.
Prevention programs and measures for health are in the focus and you can see how important your health is.
But how can you keep fit easily and every day ?!
What robs you of energy every day and makes you tired and sick ?!
Where does your energy come from ?!
Nutrition is more important than sport. Did you know that?!
I cannot give you a recipe for unfulfilled dreams and wishes. But I can go with you and always give you my tips on the way to your goal.
I became a "mountain guide" here because I overcome my comfort zone and thus invest in my personal freedom.

Come with me to the summit.
Nowhere is there so much admiration for you as a "mountain guide". Nobody wants to hear that you are homesick, in debt or in love. The hardships and hardships, the fears and personal overcoming up to the summit. That is what distinguishes you as a "mountain guide". But above all with how many adventurers you arrive at the top. Where everyone gets goose bumps at the summit, where deep feelings arise and you reap gratitude for your commitment, your credibility and your ability to have led people to their destination.
You will be trained as a "mountain guide" here and will receive all the training you need to get to your destination at the top of the summit. Be free, be independent, with a high personal gain and thankful for what you have achieved.

Behind every "pain" there is a chance!
It is your chance to create your own life - outside of your comfort zone.

Tackle it, you live now!

I look forward to getting to know you ;-)


  • Today is the beginning of EVERYTHING that counts for YOU.
  • Create the life and the company YOU want!
  • In your time and speed.
  • We ALL have an interest in your SUCCESS.

hajoona – your future

If you want to strengthen our sales team, we offer ...
  • The best education in the industry with a tried-and-tested career concept.
  • A global community of values with the goal of improving our future.
  • A commitment to helping shape our society.
  • The initial spark to set off lasting personal and economic success.
  • A company that has received multiple awards from FOCUS and Statista for its growth.
If you want to use our products, we offer... ...
  • A simple yet effective overall concept.
  • Select high-quality products from raw materials with high bioavailability.
  • The most important nutrients to support you in maintaining a healthy and sustainable way of life.
  • Products made in Germany and certified to ISO standard.
Gründungsoffensive 2020: Neue Wege gehen. Neue Perspektiven finden. hajoona Fast Start im Vertrieb

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Gründungsoffensive 2020: Neue Wege gehen. Neue Perspektiven finden. hajoona Fast Start im Vertrieb

Die derzeitige Situation bringt leider mit sich, dass viele Menschen aus Gastronomie, Hotellerie, Physiotherapeuten und Studiobetreiber, KosmetikerInnen aber auch Taxifahrer und Studenten (um hier nur einige Berufsgruppen zu nennen) nicht in ihren Berufen arbeiten können und Alternativen suchen (müssen). Hier bieten wir konkrete Lösungen, die sie direkt umsetzen können.

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Challenges of our time

Health & nutrition Too much stress, too little exercise and the lack of important nutritional ingredients in our modern diet, partially from industrially processed foods: not only does it all lead to obesity, but also to a general feeling of malaise. This is exactly where we want to help! The hajoona product concept is simple yet effective - a completely coherent, holistic health concept which replaces pills and powders with high-quality raw materials. Convenient, healthy and enjoyable, easy to use - naturally fit!
Jobs & careers If you want to have a chance on the job market today, you are expected to be extremely flexible. These days, not even jobs in major international corporations are secure. Globalisation, digitisation and automation mean that job requirements are subject to constant change. New jobs are constantly being created while others are disappearing. At the same time, there is an increasing need for a society based on values, work-life balance, and jobs that adapt flexibly to people’s private lives. The hajoona Personal Franchise concept also offers solutions in this area. It combines individual freedom with the security of a tried-and-tested business system.


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hajoona offers the best training in the industry

… and its campus creates a place where inspiration, meaningfulness, health and financial prosperity can be found. Customers and team partners are invited to take advantage of the campus's offerings with their entire family, and to exchange ideas with inspiring people.

Together with your family, you will meet people from all over the world who live consciously through hajoona, who have been learning for a lifetime, and who have found the initial spark for long-lasting personal and economic success. They pursue their business with passion, stand for honest cooperation, take responsibility for each other, and for the compatibility of family and career.

Become part of this community and take advantage of the hajoona campus to strengthen your individuality and uniqueness, promote your flexibility and creativity, and concentrate on self-development based on your potential and abilities.

We will accompany you on the path to personal and economic success.

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